EPASL Registration

Registration for the 2020 Spring Season is OPEN.  Registration ends March 1.

All registration is as a FREE AGENT.

Click this link to go to the registration home page:   https://epasl.leagueapps.com/leagues/soccer-(outdoor)

Once there, follow these steps:

1)  Click Sign Up or Log In (returning players) at the top right of the page.
 2)  Select LEAGUES.
 3)  Click the Green Register button on the right.
 4)  Press the “Free Agent” icon. 
 5)  Fill out the registration details for the upcoming season.
 6)  Pay with a credit card ($105.00).

How are teams selected?

From the registrations, we will determine the number of teams and the likely captains.

We will invite them (and everybody) to a meeting. At the meeting, we will divide the players into groups, female, male, keepers, skill.

Then the captains will select players according to group, so that each team will have roughly the same number of players from each group.

As in the past, there will have to be some finagling to put family, and rides, etc. on the same team.

To see the schedule go to:  http://epasl.leagueapps.com/pages/pages/home/schedule