2017 Spring Tournament

2017 Spring Championship Tournament:

The weather was idyllic.

The first game was a thriller with second place Yellow finally defeating third-place White.

It should be noted that Yellow was aided by the winner of the Golden Glove, Christain Thomas of the Red team due to injury and the unavailability of their keepers. Regulation time was frenetic and ended with both teams scoring 2 goals. The two overtime periods ended scorelessly. In the shootout, Yellow put in four shots (one hit the post) but White missed one and Christian stopped another.  Yellow advanced to the Championship Game.

Fourth place Blue and first place Green were up next.  Green was short a female so they borrowed Mariah Lukens from the White team.  Blue came out controlling the ball in Green’s half and jumped to a two-goal lead well before the first half ended.  Green fought valiantly in the second half as last year’s Golden Boot, Kyle Lingg, put in a laser from the right of the penalty area, but it wasn’t enough.  Blue advanced to the Championship Game with a 2-1 victory.

The game pitting the 5th and 6th place Orange and Red teams started as expected with several of the other team’s players filling in positions even though it could have been a regulation game with fewer players playing. I am pretty sure everyone had a great time with Orange winning, but I can’t remember the score, something like 3-2.

With all teams present, the Awards Ceremony was next.

Not only did the Green Team go undefeated during the regular season, they also won the Team Sportsmanship award.  That means they each can get $5 off of next season’s registration fee.

The individual Jennifer Seeley Sportsmanship Trophy went to Annie Orr, Blue #7.  She can receive $50 off of her registration fee.

Golden Glove – Christian Thomas – Red GK

Silver Boot – John Vaverchak – Green #15

Golden Boot – Jamie Moore – Green #1

With some decent pizza and wonderful fruit in their stomachs, Green and White squared off in the Consolation Game.  Green remedied their previous faux pax with a 2-1 piece of art.

The Championship Game, with 35-minute halves, on a beautiful early evening, was played with an intensity seldom seen in EPASL. Yellow, with a substitute keeper, prevailed, leading the whole game, but holding their collective breaths with only a 2-1 lead for a good part of the second half.  Final: 3-1

Yellow is the EPASL 2017 Spring Season Champion.  Winners of the D. J. Itobi Championship Cup.


A special thanks goes to our dedicated AYSO referees:  Lonnie Thomas, Brian Eddy, Amy Davies, David Brannon, David Hammer, and Bill Lukens.

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