About Us


We are a coed, outdoor adult soccer league located in Jefferson County, WV open to players 19 and up.  We have sessions in the Fall and Spring.  We are affiliated with NAASA which is a division of AYSO.

As you can tell by our logo, we are a recreational league to have fun, but we still play a high level of soccer at a good field with paid referees,  We follow FIFA rules with the following exceptions:  1) A female player must be present on the field (non-goalkeeper) for each team at all times;  2) Free substitution at any stoppage of play;  3) No slide tackles, automatic yellow card;  4) Yellow card requires immediate substitution for offending player;  5) On excessively hot days we will break for a quarter.   6) $20.00 fine for a Red Card.

When you register, you will register as a Free Agent and can be assigned to any team depending on your skill and team needs.   You may specify one other player you would like to play with, whether it be a family member or playing partner, but we can not guarantee that you will end up on the same team (we try our best).

Our games are a family affair with many small children in attendance.

EPASL Board Members

Director – Bill Lukens
Treasurer – Chris Little
Safety Coordinator – Jenny Seeley
Equipment Manager – Heather Ramirez
Referee Coordinator – Brian Eddy
Registrar, Website – Lisa Fresch – administration@epasl.org

We are always looking for new board members.  We are all volunteers and having a fresh supply of board members will keep our league healthy and growing.  Positions last for 1 year.  Please talk to a board member if you are interested in participating.  If you want to get your feet wet, attend a board meeting.  They are open to all league members.

To reach us:
PO BOX 708
Shepherdstown, WV 25443