2015 Fall Season

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2015 Fall Registration is now complete.

To view the 2015 Fall roster,click here.

To view the 2015 Fall Schedule, click here.

Congratulation to the Red Team for winning the 2015 Sprint Tournament (Tournament photos are posted here.)!



The final standings are:

Teams Wins Losses Ties GF GA Points
Red 5 3 1 38 31 16
Blue 5 4 0 37 29 15
White 4 4 1 32 41 13
Grey 2 5 2 30 36 6

The leading goal scorer was DJ of the White team with 16 goals (2 with Red).

Kenny with the Grey team was second with 12 goals.

Starting Spring 2015 Season roster:  http://epasl.leagueapps.com/pages/2015SpringlRoster

Spring 2015 schedule:  2015 Spring Schedule

Games are played at Washington High School, Charles Town, WV, Sunday 2-5:30.

You must be at least 19 years of age on opening day to join our league.

Each player must have a unique email address and account.  This is a limitation of this registration system. If you have a problem, please email administration@epasl.org for some possible workarounds,

We are a recreational league to have fun, but we still play a high level of soccer at a good field with paid referees,  We follow FIFA rules with the following exceptions:  1) A female player must be present on the field (non-goalkeeper) for each team at all times;  2) Free substitution at any stoppage of play;  3) No slide tackles, automatic yellow card;  4) Yellow card requires immediate substitution for offending player;  5) On excessively hot days we will break for a quarter.   6) $20.00 fine for a hard Red Card (not two Yellow Cards).