2015 Spring Season

Logo_EPASLssm.jpg        Last Updated March 2, 2015

Teams  for the Spring 2015 Season have been selected: link to the new roster:  http://epasl.leagueapps.com/pages/2015SpringlRoster

Link to the Spring 2015 schedule:(colors may change) 2015 Spring Schedule

Games are played at Washington High School, Charles Town, WV, Sunday 2-5:30.

You must be at least 19 years of age on opening day to join our league.

Each player must have a unique email address and account.  This is a limitation of this registration system. If you have a problem, please email administration@epasl.org for some possible workarounds,

We are a recreational league to have fun, but we still play a high level of soccer at a good field with paid referees,  We follow FIFA rules with the following exceptions:  1) A female player must be present on the field (non-goalkeeper) for each team at all times;  2) Free substitution at any stoppage of play;  3) No slide tackles, automatic yellow card;  4) Yellow card requires immediate substitution for offending player;  5) On excessively hot days we will break for a quarter.   6) $20.00 fine for a hard Red Card (not two Yellow Cards).